Homeowner's paradise

Secured loans are readily available to homeowners in UK. Most lenders feel secure lending money to those who can pledge their residential property as collateral. Hefty amounts can therefore be procured for a longer tenure as secured loans. The loan period can stretch up to 30 years and the loan amount depends on the home equity valuated by the lender.

Secured loans for borrowers with bad credit Homeowners with bad credit are at advantage over others. With a fixed asset i.e. home as the collateral, the lender will be inclined to give secured loans to the customers, even if they have had a poor credit record.

First let us see what factors make your credit report adverse:-
  • Arrears, missed payments and late payments in your other loan or credit card history
  • Defaults in your repayment tenure
  • CCJs (County court judgments against you)
  • In case of bankruptcy
  • Frequent job changes and changes in the address
  • A negative or less than 0.36 DTI (debt to income ratio)
  • Too many loans running at the same time
  • Small disposable income
  • Frequent cheque bounces
So, if you have earned any of the above stated disadvantages, there are chances that lenders may not approve your loan. However, still you are a homeowner and don't have any other mortgage against your residential property, there are good enough chances of your loan getting approved. Every lender has one major satisfactory factor when he grants secured loans and that is in case you fail to repay the loan, he can repossess your home. Lender's motivation is borrower's risk.

So, before you make any decision regarding secured loans, just ask yourself one question honestly "Will I be able to repay the loan?" If you are doubtful, never ever go for secured loans. You may end up loosing your most treasured procession i.e. your home.

Summary- Secured loans are loans supported by assets belonging to the borrower so as to reduce the contingency assumed by the lender. The home may be seized by the lender if the borrower fails to make the necessary payments.

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22 November 2008 01.31
The housing market is showing signs of stabilising, with mortgage approvals remaining broadly unchanged over the past three months. However, during the third quarter, approvals were some 25 per cent lower than during the same quarter last year.
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