Secured Loans: With It's Popularity, It's Got To Be "Something!"

Although the loan market has provided us, customers, with a diverse collection of loans, Secured Loans are among the few loans that have gained outstanding, ever increasing popularity with the common people, rather than with the business class. Secured Loans are easy to obtain, they offer low interest rates and flexible repayment terms. To make a Secured Loan seem fair to the lenders too, they necessitate placement of collateral. At the end, Secured Loans are ideal solutions to any fiscal problem that needs attention.

Features of Secured Loans:
Secured Loans are also referred to as Secured Personal Loans because they are Personal Loans that need to be secured on an asset commonly known as "collateral." Collateral is a mandatory feature when any loan is "secured." It can be in the form of real estate - a house, property, etc. or also in the form of an operative bank account, jewellery, an automobile, etc. Collateral of higher value will enable you to avail of a higher loan amount. The basic idea of collateral arises so as to give the lender or creditor some kind of assurance that the loaned amount will be repaid. This is why collateral remains in the lender's custody until complete repayment of the Secured Loan. While on the topic, something worth mentioning is that in case you default in your monthly repayments, the lender can seize or confiscate your collateral

·Low Interest Rate:
The presence of collateral puts a Secured Loan lender in a comparatively complacent position and this is why Secured Loans offer low interest rates compared to other Personal Loans like the Unsecured Personal Loans. Interest rate is commonly termed as APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and it ranges from 6% to 25% depending on the loan amount, value of collateral, credit history and your repayment capability. Since, interest is what determines how feasible a loan is, Secured Loan are a better option.

·Loan Amount:
Being secured and being a preferred option for most lenders, Secured Loans make a larger amount available to it's borrowers. A typical Secured Loan amount ranges from £5,000 to £75,000. The amount that is finally approved also depends on value of collateral, credit history and financial standing of the borrower.

·Loan Term:
Secured Loans have flexible repayment options that can suit your personal financial standing. In fact, Secured Loans are customized to your requirements. Based on your loan amount, your collateral value, credit history and interest rate, you and your lender choose your loan term. A loan term for Secured Loans generally ranges from 3 to 25 years. Your monthly payments will in turn depend on the loan term selected for you.

·Credit history:
Good credit history helps you avail of a Secured Loan with a higher amount. On the other hand, although bad credit doesn't stop you from getting a Secured Loan, it limits the amount. However, as Secured Loans are backed by collateral, most lenders approve them even in cases of C.C.J's, defaults, bankruptcies and arrears. This makes Secured Loans available to those who would otherwise not qualify for a loan from their local bank.

Secured Loans are approved as soon as your collateral is evaluated and also after a credit check is carried out. This is why a Secured Loan is so easy to obtain. Based on what all Secured Loans offer, there is now a financial solution for the employed, the self employed and the unemployed, too.

Always remember you should consider your financial position, the amount to borrow and the repayment option you will be able to afford. Based on them, look for a lender who provides the best possible offer. Take informed decisions with proper guidance from experts as they will have a wider opinion on the matter. Do the calculations yourself. The amount to be repaid includes the actual amount, interest and other fees charged by the lender. Try to repay your loans as soon as possible. Paying more means paying faster! Take an active part in choosing your repayment options. Ultimately, it's customized specially for you!!

By Marsha Claire


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