Secured Debt Consolidation Loan :Live a debt free life

In case, you are juggling numerous debts and want to get your finances in order, Debt consolidation loans might just be the answer to your prayers. Any sane person will be exhausted within the cycle of sorting and paying the bills, avoiding the calls of irate creditors and managing the monthly budget. This loan type is engineered in such a way as to facilitate the paying off of debts. The lender and the borrower have a reciprocal relationship. The additional funds help the borrower to pay the money and create a debt free life and the lender earns handsome returns.

Borrowers have to make only one payment. Instead of dealing with multiple creditors, the consumer will have to pay only one lender from whom he has borrowed the amount. If the consumer can afford to place a security in the form of his/her home against the loan amount, then he can be assured of low interest rates. In fact, a secured debt consolidation loan is the best solution for those suffering from adverse credit ratings. The lender in return tries and persuades the other creditors to reduce the interest on the debt. At times the interest rate can be slashed to almost 30%. Creditors are willing to cut the interest because in case the debtor declares bankruptcy then they will not get anything.

The lender will keep a tab on your credit cards. The idea behind this loan is to get you back on your feet. If the borrower continues in the indiscriminate spending then he/she cannot be on the road to recovery. Most often than not, the lender will cancel some of the credit cards which have a huge debt against it. Most credit cards charge 30% interest rates. As far as the annual percentage rate (APR) is concerned, debt consolidation loans are a cheaper bet than credit cards.


In a secured debt consolidation loan, the borrower only has to pay the lender a stipulated sum at the end of every month. After that, it is the lenders job to distribute the payments to the other concerned parties.

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4 Responses to "Secured Debt Consolidation Loan :Live a debt free life"

bill said :
4 November 2008 07.51
For an indebted consumer bill consolidation loans are an option, but should not be ones first choice. You can set up a budget and pay down your credit card debt and other consumer credit and try to live within your means.
eyepatchman said :
6 November 2008 07.41
Many homeowners remortgage their houses to consolidate debt, and whilst this has certain advantages it also has certain disadvantages and these should be discussed with an independent Mortgage broker before committing to anything
Sylvester said :
15 Juni 2010 08.06
Secured loans can really give you the assurance you need in ensuring you of a debt-free lifestyle.

Thanks for the wonderful insight.
Delhan Fero said :
15 November 2013 07.13

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